Paytm Customer Care: Toll Free Helpline Number and email address

Internet has really changed the life of people, of this century. In recent years, there has been a lot of online sites being launched for different accessories from clothing to furniture; even electronic devices are now being sold online. There have been many companies which were founded for making online payments as well. The one that stands out among the rest is Paytm. This company became especially popular because of its revolutionary concept of keeping money in your phone! Before Paytm, no one had thought of a concept like this. Keeping money in your phone and using that to buy whatever you need is as convenient as it gets. And it’s not just buying things; you can even recharge your phone, pay bills with a Paytm account. It can even be used to book tickets for planes, trains, buses etc. All in all, paytm is a very useful application, which explains its rise to popularity and it having so many customers.

Paytm was officially launched in August of 2010. It came from the company One97 Communications. The name ‘paytm’ stands for the full form- Pay Through Mobile. It was founded in 2010 by one Vijay Shekhar Sharma. He is the CEO of the company. Paytm was originally launched as a platform for mobile recharge. From there, it became so successful that the board decided to include more things in it. Initially, it launched its application in the Android, Windows as well as iOS stores. It was in 2013 when the company launched paytm wallet, which soon became the largest and most successful mobile payment platform having over 150 million wallets and 75 million android downloads in 2016. This surge happened during the demonetisation phase. Regarding funding of the app, it has several donors. In the March of 2015, Ratan Tata, billionaire and an Indian industrialist, invested in the firm. In the same month, paytm received an investment of 575 million dollars from one of China’s major companies, the Alibaba Group. This in itself speaks for the success of the group. Paytm users can also use the balance in their Paytm wallets to pay at Indian Oil Petrol Pumps. They can also buy tickets at PVR Cinemas. Paytm has a great customer care service. One can check on their site the FAQs provided. But if they need to call, even that is available. They have a 24/7 line where subscribers can call.

Numbers- 0120 3888 3888

They can also dial 9643979797 and ask for the company to call them back.

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