Bharat Forge Customer Care: Toll Free Helpline Number and email address

Bharat Forge Limited is a very popular multinational company in Pune. The company mainly produces oil and gas, locomotives, manufacturing and construction products, automotive products and marine and aerospace products. The company was established in the year 1961 by the famous personality Dr. N. A. Kalyani. Though it is a part of the Kalyani Group, it operates independent business relationships in the market. The present chairman of the company is Baba Kalyani who is the son of the founder of the company, Dr. N. A. Kalyani. He holds the position of the Executive Director in the company.

Bharat Forge has achieved success in the industrial field from its initial stage. It was the first such company which manufactured such a variety of manufactured and construction products. The company slowly developed its market strategies and also expanded the business. The introduction of the products for the aerospace and defence industries is a recent activity in the history of the company. Previously, the company only produced the components which were required for the products mentioned but now, the company has taken initiatives to manufacture even the products along with the components required. The success of the company is also evident in its stock markets. It is holding the superior position in the share markets of the country.

Bharat Forge has stepped into various partnership relationships with the national as well as the international companies. Recently, the company has got into a partnership with the company Alstom which is power Generation Company of France. It has signed the partnership contract for manufacturing generators and turbines. As Alstom invested a larger amount to the partnership business it was given 51 % of the shares and Bharat Forge held 49 % shares of the company. The company was together called Alstom Bharat Forge Power Limited which was set up in Sanand, Gujrat. It was a great success for Bharat Forge Limited and according to the records of the year 2015, the company accounted the total amount of sales of about US $ 1.3 billion. Its market capitalisation according to the year 2015 stood to be US $ 4.5 billion. In the year 2015, Bharat Forge also came in the list of the best companies in the magazine, Forbes.

The contact detail of Bharat Forge is given below:

Official Website –

Tel: +91-20-67042777
Fax: + 91-20-26822387

The address of Bharat Forge is given below:

Bharat Forge has its headquarters in Pune, Kharadi Maharashtra, India.

Bharat Forge Limited
Pune Cantonment, Mundhwa, Pune, Maharashtra 411036

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